Question Dolby Atmos for headphones not working?


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I've installed Dolby Access and the Atmos app. Selected the setting for Headset to use Atmos but when I go back to Access to play one of the demos, I can see a pink exclamation mark next to Dolby Access and it just sounds like stereo.

I am using a traditional pair of hi end headphones but understand that three effect should still work as it's a software effect and isn't reliant on any particular type of headphones.


King Tones

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Have you purchased the Atmos App?
Might be worth doing a console restart via the Settings Menu.


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Yes and done several times...

Dwayne Dibley

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Thread Hijack imminent! Apologies.

I'm having an issue downloading the Dolby Access App.

I initially downloaded the Dolby Atmos App on my Xbox.

(apologies, I'm doing this bit from memory!!!)
When you fire the App up it shows 2 tabs. One of the tabs is split into 2 halves. The right talks about setting up Atmos for my home theatre.
The left has 3 buttons. 1 to download the app. A 2nd to buy the app. And a 3rd I cant quite remember.

I've clicked on the Download app button.
It says do I want to Download? I click this. And then it errors. I've done this about 10 times over the last 5 days. Meanwhile the "free" 30 days is ticking down. I'm on 25 days left.

Anyone have any thoughts on fixes? Thanks in advance.
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