Dolby Atmos distortion during intense scenes [Samsung HW-Q950T / LG B1 Oled]


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Hey, been googling this forever. Issue happens when I'm playing games from my PC or watching movies with VLC. During really intense scenes in movies the sound gets distorted, the closest thing I can compare it to is if you plug your ears on and off (but in a more subtle way, or maybe like your a little under water?).

Setup: PC --(HDMI 2.1)--> LG B1 --(eARC)--> Q950T.
TV Audio settings are Auto and eARC- ON. If I use passthrough I cant get Atmos to work.

I don't seem to have this issue if I plug directly into the soundbar, but then I lose 120HZ & VRR when playing games.

I've had some issues with this soundbar before, when for example plugging my PC directly into it and using eARC to get to picture to my old Philips TV, it dropped the image sometimes. Its so hard to find the root cause of these issues, so I don't know what was at fault here. And I don't have this problem with my new TV it seems.

Anyone heard of anything like this?

Joe Fernand

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Have you monitored the audio when you use the TV speakers playing the same content, take a note when you get the distortion using Source > TV > Soundbar and try playing back using the TV speakers rather than the Soundbar, the source signal may be too high.


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