DOL001 GC+Freeloader = widescreen 480p?


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Yay or nay?

If i get an NTSC game, will it run in widescreen with Freeloader on a DOL001
GC? I'm thinking here specifically of Resident Evil.



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I assume the DOL001 is a model/version number?

To benefit from 480p(with NTSC games that support it, most do but not all) you'd also need an official Nintendo component cable, these aren't cheap but I think the price is starting to drop on ebay now with people upgrading to the Wii.

If you're willing to pay for the component cable then first check that you have the Digital AV socket on the back of your console, most of the newer consoles don't have this socket(as far as I'm aware none of the pearl white Gamecubes have it).

All that with the freeloader disk & an NTSC copy of the game & you should be away, as with progressive scan not all NTSC Gamecube games support widescreen either, Resident Evil 4 doesn't(although it displays well on my LCD using the zoom option), not sure about Resident Evil though. I bought it fairly recently myself but haven't started it yet, might crack on with it soon now you've reminded me:cool:

I might test tomorrow to see if the Resident Evil remake is widescreen or not, I don't have the box as that's back home in England so I'll have to fire it up.


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It's not widescreen and it's not progressive scan either unfortunately. It still looks great for a last generation game though :)

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