Dog Soldiers Available at.....


Active Member as a region1 for 14.99

Release Date looks like 5th November

Looks like I need to get my new speakers and house built by the 5th November


Can i ask what the film was like? I saw the trailers and was so fed up seeing 2 everytime!



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This an excellent film. Just need to turn out the lights and wait for the action. This film is scary right to the end. Some things are a bit stupid and there is a bit of over acting but this film is full of witty one liners and some great heart stopping moments.

After this film you will never walk into the forest alone again.....


I absolutly loved this film, it had the perfect mix of cheepness, cheesyness, humour, suspence, fear, storyline, and quality to make it top notch.

But can some1 please tell me if there are any plans of making a special/collector's/whatever edition of this. I have just recently been stung by Battle Royale. And have both versions. Anyone wanna buy BR region 3? Decent price.

Rambo John J

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The R1 version's being called a Special Edition, with a commentary and some other stuff, but I read an interview with the director who said that UK fans should be pleased with the special edition he's got lined up for the UK. Whether it'll be the same as the US "special edition" is unknown at the moment.

Seeing as the US release isn't until December anyway, might be an idea to hold off until a bit closer to the release date to see if anything leaks out about the UK release. After all, it's a brit movie froma guy that loves the DVD format, so I wouldn't be surprised if there's extras on the UK disc that aren't on the US version.
Then again, if you don't care about extras the US release is out first so that'll be the one to bag if that's the case.
Seeing as it's already been on TV on the sci fi channel in the US (several times) it's probably not going to sell out on disc so waiting shouldn't be a problem


I think this film is well over-rated, I was hoping this movie would scare me but seriously I think its more of a black comedy than a scary film. The idea is good, but the execution was poor really, shame as the acting was rather good.

What let the film down was some of the constant camera switching and the laughable shots of the werewolf paws in front of the camera on one of the sequences.

Also everytime you saw the werewolf you just knew it was some lame puppet which seemed to have no animation built into it whatsoever!. This film could of been fantastic if they had got someone to do some decent visual effects with the werewolfs, such a shame :(.

Another gripe I have of this film (and also many other so called scary films) is that the audience need to be introduced to the characters for at least 15 to 30 mins at the start of the film. I sat their not caring really if the werewolf killed them all!, about time directors/writers learnt that to make a really good scary movie the audience have to care about the characters in distress!. If you want to see some soldiers against the unknown then I think Predator is a far better film imho.


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I really enjoyed the SFX,very much in 'tone' with the movie.I believe Bob Keen on Hellraiser fame was the creator.


I saw this film last night and thought it was pretty good. The acting is good and though predictable the story is sound.
Yes the special effects aren't exactly special but ok. In fact one of the man-to-werewolf scene changes is a copy of the old; on the table, under the table and over the table, "Ooh it's a werewolf" in Abbott and Costello stylie :p :D
There are some fine one-liners and meaningful scenes. However the latter is, in my opinion, ruined with heavy handed and overly long scenes which further employ nasty schmaltzy strings. Which, though not employed earlier on, turn it from being something good and UK to cheap and US - perhaps a wider marketing ploy?
However, this is not to say it isn't worth a view because there are several redeeming scenes which win out from this being a wasteful time-taker. It's one of the many which really could've impacted more if thought about a little more.

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