Does your Toshiba *wh36 hum/buzz?


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Mine does. When the TV sound is on it's not usually loud enough to bother me, though if I listen for it I can hear it.

The volume seems to vary. It gets much louder if I switch to Active/Natural/100Hz modes, but I use progressive all the time.

If you have one of these sets, is it completely silent when the sound is muted? If not, how loud is it? (How far away can you hear the buzz/hum.)

I've had mine a week and can't make up my mind whether I want to get it replaced or repaired or whether I should live with it and hope it improves by itself.


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I have no hum on my 42WH36. I suggest you get somebody out to look at it. Make sure you get somebody that knows about these TV's though.




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theres no buzz/hum on mine either.
Not unless i put my ear on the PSU Transformer....:)

I would also suggest you get it repaired/replaced.
Evern if i stand next to the set with it on mute there is no noise.


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I tried moving the cord to a different socket, so it is nowhere near any other cables and not sharing an adaptor with anything else. This seemed to work at first, but after a few minutes the hum returned.

There seems to be no correlation with anything else being on (e.g. fridge.)

Yesterday, after the set had been on for a few hours in the morning, the hum disappeared and stayed away until midnight. This morning it is back. I had noticed before that it sometimes seems to reduce or go away after a while. (However on Friday night it was still there after several hours.)

I think I should ask for replacement. If it is coming from the guns then any repair might affect the picture quality and then I would be without a watchable set for several weeks until that is fixed. I will ask Argos to replace, they can take away the old set when they deliver the new one.


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sounds like; either an earth-loop (try unplugging external cable connection to find out), or induction from poor internal cable screening.


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I tried removing all external connections, which made no difference, but I did notice that when I put pressure on the connections panel, and subsequently the larger surrounding hardboard panel at the rear, the hum/buzz died away.


Actually Toshiba wasn't very good at assembling my TV as i noticed some screws were not tight when i was opening the TV up myself to tweak.

Some screws were loose as they had tightened them too hard in the wooden panel, and some were missing....

Sloppy work i might say, now everything is nice.
sounds like an earthing problem. i had this hum from my amp and it turned out there was a loose screw inside causing the trouble.


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It looks like there is a happy ending to this.

TV repair man came round this morning, found a coil on the PCB which was leaning over and almost touching another coil, de-soldered and re-soldered it so it stood up straight, it looks like problem is solved.

Apparently the coils actually vibrate when there's a signal going through them, so the buzzing was one coil knocking against the other one.


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I have no hum on my 5136 but I have noticed when watching a VHS tape I tend to get broadcast sound coming through the speakers at the same time, a problem that after pausing the video and then stopping it and then resuming play goes away.
Has anyone else experienced this?

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