Does your laptop pass HD codecs with USB-C to HDMI dock?


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I have a laptop (Thinkpad 14 Gen1 AMD): when connected to the AVR with the onboard HDMI it can bitstream compressed codecs (AC3,EAC3,DTS) as well as HD codecs (TrueHD, DTS-HD MA). If the contect contains Atmos it appears at the AVR so the passthrough is working.

Now when I connect to the AVR via HDMI/USB-C through the USB-C Gen2 dock the HD codecs don't passthrough. The player (mpv, in this case) sends a Stereo downmix as if the "hardware" (sound device driver?) has indicated it doesn't support TrueHD or DTS-HD MA.

This could be due to quirks in the Linux/Alsa handling of USB-C to HDMI transition: just wondering if you have passthrough of HD codecs via USB-C to HDMI docks.


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From my understanding USB-C is outputting Display Port so your dock either has its own video chip or is doing HDMI conversation or its level or DP is not high enough.

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