Does Trophy Support Influence You When Buying Games?

Does Trophy Support Influence You When Buying Games?

  • Yes - I will only buy games that I can get trophies on.

    Votes: 4 6.0%
  • Sometimes - If I've been looking forward to the game I'll still buy it.

    Votes: 16 23.9%
  • No - Trophies / Smouchies - Who Cares?

    Votes: 47 70.1%

  • Total voters


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Trophies haven't been out for that long but there's a big list of upcoming games that will support them and also a big list of games that won't.

So as the title says; Does Does Trophy Support Influence You When Buying Games?

Yes - What no trophies? I'm not buying it!

Sometimes - It depends on whether I have been looking forward to game. If not and there's no trophies I'll give it a miss.
Sometimes - I may get it in on the 360 instead to get achievement points.

No - I really don't care about trophies.

I am voting for sometimes.
I have been looking forward to Fifa, SW:TFU and fallout 3. Even though they don't have trophies I still bought them. I wasn't too bothered about Bioshock, but as it has trophies and I need a new shoot-em up I'm getting it (& the fact that my friend won't stop going on about how good it is). Like wise Civilization Revolution demo was ok and I thought about buying it, but with no trophies I gave it a miss.
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Voted no. I like having them but they don't influence my decision one bit.


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No way, absolutely could not give a monkeys whether Trophies are included or not. I'd have to take a long, hard look at myself if they ever did influence my decisions:)


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Just edited it to include with the sometimes option.

Sometimes - I may get it in on the 360 instead to get achievement points.


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I voted "No" but I quite like Trophies. However, I would not let them, or the lack them influence whether or not I bought a particular game.


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voted no.....its nice to pick them up and when they pop up on screen I'll nip along to see what its for...minesweeper on Warhawk made me giggle :D


Voted no too. If they there then I'll chase them but wouldn't buy a game just for them alone and wouldn't not buy a game if I was interested in the game but there weren't trophies. FIFA09 being an example. PES09 will have trophies I think, but I'd rather play FIFA.


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I wouldn't say influence, maybe hasten. I meant to pick up uncharted since i got the PS3 but never did, when it got trophies i put it to the top of the list.
Same for burnout and bioshock, would of got them eventually but trophies bumped them up.


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As soon as they were announced for Uncharted and Burnout I just stopped playing them so I could restart with Trophies. Same thing has happened with GTA4.

I wouldn't hunt down games specifically for them altho a tad disappointed Fifa'09 never got 'em :thumbsdow
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