Does This Flv Format Seem Right?

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    Im having a hard time understanding if this is appropriate or not for a crisp outcome on playback..... any thoughts? Thanks Guys.!

    Briightcove Video Platform For Uploading

    Encoding Flash Video – Guidelines
    You need to encode your video to Flash Video (FLV) format before uploading it to the Brightcove service.

    Source Video: Full-Resolution, Uncompressed Video Yields Best Results
    Determine Whether to Encode for Flash Player 7 or 8
    Filter Settings to Improve Encoding Quality

    Source Video: Full-Resolution, Uncompressed Video Yields Best Results

    Best source video: Uncompressed QuickTime or AVI files.
    Mildly compressed video is okay: DV, for example.
    Video compressed for Web delivery: Quality and data-rate can vary widely. Will yield lower quality results.
    For any previously compressed video: The same video and audio codec must be installed on the computer used to encode the video to Flash Video format.

    Determine Whether to Encode for Flash Video 7 or 8

    The Brightcove service supports video encoded in the FLV format for Flash Player 7 or 8.

    Viewer audience considerations:

    Flash Player 7: Currently has a larger installed user base.
    Flash Player 8: Provides noticeably higher quality video and improved performance (because of the On2 VP6 video codec).
    If you encode your video for Flash Video 8: Anyone with Flash Player 7 installed will be prompted to auto-update to Flash Player 8 the first time they try to view a video in your Player.
    Tool considerations:

    The Flash Video version you want to encode to may influence your choice of video encoding software.

    For Flash 8 video: Brightcove recommends On2 Flix Pro 8 (includes the new VP6 Pro codec and supports two-pass encoding).

    Sorenson Squeeze users: You can purchase the VP6 Pro codec separately to enable two-passing encoding using the VP6 Pro codec within Squeeze.
    For Flash Video 7 video: Brightcove recommends Sorenson Squeeze, which includes the Sorenson Spark Pro codec.
    View compression specifications: For Flash 8 video or Flash 7 video.
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    Flash video is a good format, in terms of size/quality tradeoff. You may have to purchase additional software to do the encoding (like the On2 Flix Pro 8 mentioned).

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