Does this Beamax screen (10548) exist?! (And where to buy)


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Please help me source this screen spec:

* 16:9 120" (diagonal)
* Extended black top border (40cm+)
* High Contrast 0.8-1 gain
(My Panny AX200 is too bright at my max 3.8m throw even in eco mode AND I have ambient light issues AND the world's most shiny ceiling and floor surfaces.:suicide:)
* Black-backed as going in front of a window
* <£300 (<£450 if some part of spec is significantly improved by doing so ;))
* Manual or electric not important (CSR)

I've been deliberating for 2weeks on those screen requirements but the problem being until yesterday I hadn't been able to find such a combo. :rolleyes:
I'd been looking primarily at CVSMedia but each option sacrificed at least one spec element. (E.G. Beamax R 120" not listed in HC. Draper Luma2 HC max listed size of 106". Da-Lite model B HC 120" had no extended top border etc.)

Anyway yesterday a search for a Luma2 with those specs popped up 247cinema who seem to have every screen option ever invented including one which meets my exact criteria in the Beamax R-Black manual High Contrast (Gain 0.8) 270x156 (16:9) (10548).

My worry being that I have never heard of such a supplier (searched these forums too) and according to the Beamax site they don't even make such a model! :confused:

So my questions to the community are:

1/ Does that Beamax screen model 10548 really exist?
2/ If so, can anyone confirm that it does in fact have an extended black top border and is HC? (The R series white moves down to 5cm at this size!)
3/ Any experience of 247Cinema? OR know of any other supplier for this option?

If you are answering #3 can you also comment on whether it is possible to source the Draper Luma2 at 119" in HC as their site suggests it should be possible. (

Any Beamax R vs Draper Luma2 comments would also be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks for any advice you can provide. :thumbsup:


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The screen indeed existed, but it is no longer a stock item. It can still be made, if you would like to have one. If you have been looking at CVS, contact Nick and he'll be able to arrange it for you, as would our other resellers.

If you need any other information, please let me know.

Best regards,


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