Does the top end Denon and Yam specify EX or ES on the display


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When a dvd is loaded does the extra channel load up automatic or does it have to be set manually on any of the top end amplifiers of denon or Yam or any other make? And does the display state ES or EX.

I have got an AX10 to show THX Surround EX on Lord of the rings, BUT there is no signal from the front display on the amp that the surround back speaker is being used.
What made me realise the display was wrong was I put in a DD film and it still said the above when it was only 5.1.
Can anybody help on any ideas to get the extra channel to work/

Cheers , Phill


On my Yamaha AX2 DTS ES is automatic (providing you set it to auto in the setup menu!) and EX has to be selected manually,which I think is down to the discs not be flagged as EX.


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Your best bet is to leave the Auto Flag Detect - OFF. Then just manually switch on the Surround Back speakers. Most dvd´s don´t come with the flag encoded that will switch on the surround back speakers automatically.

On my Denon the display will say THX Surround EX, Dolby EX, THX Ultra 2 Cine (depending what mode its in). The Surround Back light will be lit and IF there is a flag on the disc, the Signal Detect light will be lit.

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