does the pio 436 upscale


shoalin kid

does it upscale imagies or will i need to get an upscaling dvd player,i ve got a denon 2800 at the mo but when i get my pio in jan will want something new to make the most of it.maybe try the denon 1920is there a great dif between component and hdmi cos i might stick with the 2800 till the war of hd dvd an blu ray is over :confused:
will it produce as good an imiage as a hdmi connected player cos is only has comp
Tough one to call. The 2800 is a lovely player, the 1910 is a budget player, but the Pioneer shines with digital inputs, and can look real pants with analogue. Don't rush would be my advice, maybe try and borrow an HDMI player to see for yourself once you have the screen.

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