Does the New XBox 360 Jasper have HDMI 1.3


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Hello,I just got myself a new 37" LCD TV that has the new HDMI 1.3 version.I have my XBox360 connected to it via HDMI.I would like to know do new XBox's support the latest standard of HDMI(1.3) as my TV does?Cheers


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Not sure on the answer, but tbh its irrelevant. It will still work even if its 1.1, and as far as I am aware, the things which HDMI1.3 facilitates (lip-sync correction, 48 bit colour etc) wont be used by the 360.

So dont worry about it! :)

Lunar Wolf

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Does it support CEC?

no suprise there then...

Lunar Wolf

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Why do people on this forum always feel the need to answer rhetorical questions?..

thats rhetorical as well so don't answer.

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