Does SyncBlaster or JS Box help with Lip Sync Issue?

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by Oenone, Jan 29, 2003.

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    Ok I've been reading up a bit on this lip sync issue caused by the image processing in the display.

    I've seen a number of posts where people claim that this cable or black box has helped with the lip sync. TBH I can't see how this would help!

    Do these cables really help? if so how?

    Also am I right in thinking that the Panasonic Panels are especially susceptible to this?
    Really how much of an issue is it?

    I'm currently thinking of getting a Panasonic 37 / 42" panel if I have to buy a whole new amp just to add a sound delay (which isn't a real fix anyway) I'm just not going to bother!
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    My understanding is that the items you've mentioned will not help with the lip-sync issue.

    The reason it happens is that most plasmas have some kind of onboard picture processing/de-interlacing which is intended to improve the picture.

    Different units do this with differing degrees of sucess, however because of the time needed to look at a couple of frames of video and process them, by the time the screen displays the image, the sound has become out of sync.

    Any plasma that's performing de-interlacing or similar processing on the video signal will give you the same effect. I don't know how "bad" Panasonic panels are with respect to others, probably no better or worse to be honest.

    Some progressive scan DVD players can delay their audio as an option (some Arcams??) which can help, but then if you have other video sources this won't be a big help. Only your DVDs will be in sync and everything else won't be.

    The only surefire way to sort this is to have something that allows you to introduce a delay to the audio that you can adjust to compensate. This is starting to filter down to the more affordable end of the AV market.

    Previously you would only find it on expensive processors (eg Tag AV32R) but it's also appeared on units like Denon's A1SR. I believe Denon are including the feature on some of their newer receivers as well (eg 3803).

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