Does such a point exist?



I need a point that houses outputs for 2 phone lines, 1 cable line and 1 RF line in one unit. Does such a point/outlet exist as it would look much nicer than the 3 outlets i currently have banked side by side.



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You might be able to assemble that out of Grid system outlets...saw them in B&Q at the weekend but I'm not sure if they included phone points.

It's a modular switch system (not v expensive either) that fits in normal switch boxes - I know I saw RF and cable outlets, not sure about phone but that might have been there too. Unfortunately I can't find much about it online.


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I've used modular networking components for a similar application. A '2-gang' frame can take four modules see here.

Telephone outlet modules are available as standard. For RF/ Cable connections, I use blank plates and drill a hole in the centre to fit a threaded F-type coupler. The coax behind is terminated in an F-plug, attached to the coupler, providing an F-socket on the front panel.

It's a little bit of work, but gives good results at low cost.


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