Does Sony VW11 display pal progessive?


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I'm considering embarking on the purchase of a Denon DVDA1 with pal progressive output.
But my final decision lies with my projector's (VW11) ability to accept a pal progressive signal.
Can anyone tell me if it does or not? There's no mention of it in the manual.



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Just found this thread using the search facility!

Does the VW10HT also take a 625p signal? I'm trying to decide whether to have my DV88 upgraded to a DV89.


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Yes, I believe it does.


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It most definately does, a friend of mine has a 10HT and its PAL Prog image looks great.


The combination you are thinking of is what I am using and I am very pleased with the results on a 7ft wide screen. A1 is great player.



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this thread looks like its been dug up from some time ago and I've actually had my DVDA1 and VW11 for some time now.
It is a great combination, and the VW11 does accept pal prog.

If I'm honest though, I don't think there's much to choose between the deinterlacer in the A1 and VW11.

The DVDA1 is great but so is the VW11.
If you like the VW11, I reckon you may be more than happy with the performance from a cheaper player in interlaced mode.


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