Does skyHD upscale SD stuff?


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Just got skyHD and very impressed with the quality - not just of HD channels but SD too. For example, bbc24 looked really ropey on standard sky, whereas now the whole picture is better, smoother and less blocky looking.
I have a 42" toshiba lcd which is not known for it's quality on SD material - is the improvement just down the skyHD box doing the upscaling, or does it use the two aerial inputs to improve the signal or something?


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Any SD satellite channel will be output (via Component or HDMI) at the resolution you set be it 720p or 1080i, if you choose AUTO then SD is sent as 576p and HD at 1080i res.

PQ also benefits from being sent to the TV via a digital link instead of analogue and of course different STB will use slightly different components to the STB you are used too.

The RF input/ouputs having nothing to do with satellite reception.


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He means the satellite coax inputs I think. And no, they're just used for recordig 2 channels or watching at the same time as recording.

Anyway, chances are the Sky box is just better at upscaling than your Tosh, I assume you've set it to output 1080i? And perhaps you didn't have the analog output set to RGB either?


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I have had my set two days now and have put normal sky through my new Sony HD860. It upscales really well. I was going to use this as my upscaler for SD Sky when my SKY HD arrives on Thursday. How good is the Sky HD upscaler?

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