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Does sky allow 2 SKY+ digiboxes in 1 home?


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My guess is the LNB supports since quad output.

When I first upgraded to sky+ NOV 03 , I asked and the salesman said no problem.

However having had several technical support calls recently where they refer to the primary box and card being in the sky+ box. I am doubtfull.

I am about to move, I am out of the 12month contract and am thinking of getting a 160+ box and using my existing PACE sky+ box in another room.

If I want subsquent multi room I can use video senders, etc.

Looking at several pages on the sky buy now pages. It seems 1+digibox and 2 regular boxes is the maximum supported multi room package. Can not find any references to sual sky+ boxes. ALthough there is a get out saying other non supported configerations at extra cost.

Anyone using 2 sky+ boxes in 1 home?


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Yep, Works fine. Just need to sign up for sky multi-room. Your existing lnb on the dish is capable of of four down feeds to the sky+ boxes.


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beat me by a second...


Do you have to pay the £ 10 fee for second sky+, plus the £ 10 multi room ?
does it cost £ 20 per month ?


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In the old days you had to pay both, but now you only pay £10 for the second box subscription. Check with Sky to see if they are doing any special offers.


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Thanks for those that have replied.

Will be checking with SKY.

Like to know my facts before I call.

looks like 2 cables to my lounge for sky 160, and the other 2 , to my bedroom or Kitchen as yet undedicided for sky+




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The only difference between Sky 160 & Sky+ is the disk size. It is still the same Sky+ service you subscribe to.

You will have a quad lnd on your dish, this will support 2 x Sky+ (Sky 160 & Sky+) as they both require two feeds or it will support 1x Sky + and 2 x standard sky boxes as each standard sky box only uses one feed.

When Sky+ was first launched you had to pay your standard sky package subscription and a Sky+ fee of £10.00. If you wanted to have another box be it a standard or another Sky+ both you had to pay an additional £10.00 which really took the P***.

Sky have scrapped that now, so you only pay for your sky package and your sky multi room.

Hope that helps.

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