Does size matter?

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Having just sold my Seleco 400 Plus this week end to a nice chap from London. I'm now looking forward to finally going ahead & up grading. The only snag is that my H/C room appears to be too short. (damit!)

My plan was to replace the Seleco with a Barco graphics 808. The room is only 11ft 6 inches long and I already have a six foot screen, which I want to keep. I asked Roland at B4 to calculate how much throw a BG808 would require if it were ceiling mounted.
Roland states that if I squeezed an 808 into the room I would get a 5ft 3inch image. A 1208 would be even less.

He's warned me that an 808 might be slightly over bearing for a room of this size. This really doesn't bother me too much. I have a dedicated room & I consider CRT's to be a thing of beauty. (Image quality is every thing!)

This has left me with a dilema. Do I still I still go for my dream machine and change the screen and make do with a 5ft picture or should I reconcider my options and perhaps look at a Barco 708.


Boris Blank

Stick with the 808s - if you go for something less you'll always wonder what the 808s would have been like. If in the future you move house (or whatever) then you won't have to bother upgrading!


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I like your idea, but some how I don't think I'll be aloud to get away with it.
It could all end in tears if I start to knock holes in the wall!



Stuart Wright

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The picture from a 708 is very acceptable in my opinion. I'm sure Roland will do a deal when you upgrade in a new house.

Roland @ B4

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A bigger screen is not always better by having a screen 5 and bit wide will be very bright and probably nearer to cinema than most can achieve. Don't discount it.

Sammy Jankis

I have a 708 and an 8 ft screen. I bought the 708 because it was just the right size for my room and as its not a dedicated room an 808 would be too imposing. Many would say this screen size is too big for a pj with 7 inch tubes bit I think the picture is superb.
This is all personal taste but don't consider a 708 to be a poor second the picture can be amazing.



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Due to the rooms small dimentions it appears that I may have to make a compromise at some stage.

The whole idea of home cinema for me is to creat an enviroment where you can capture the big screen experience.
Up till now I have been using a 6ft screen, which has been ideal for the room size. I can't help thinking that a 5ft image may loose some of the big screen impact.

Has anyone else out there squeezed a large 8" projector into a small room?


Paul Smith

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I would suggest you go for your dream '808', if you don't you'll just regret settling for second best.
If you try it and find the screen size must come down just move your seat a little closer, you'll still "capture the big screen experience."


(My experience is a Barco 1208 + @12.5ft room = lots of fun and enjoyment)


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I will have a 9 inch CRT in a room measuring 17 feet x 8 feet :)

However i have yet to turn it on..... oh and the picture width is 6.1 feet.

I can hardly wait but the room is still some way off :(


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9" Barco in a 7x14ft room :devil:
I managed to fit a 1208 into a room 15x9 (single garage) which gives me a 7ft widescreen. Air con is a must though.............

Garages where never designed for cars guys




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It helps being a shorty like me, can't bump my head.
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