Does resolution really matter above 1024x720



I have a projector which has resolution of 1024x720. But other projectors have resolution of 1200x720 - does the extra pixels for 16:9 films really make big difference or is the limiting factor the DVD media which has 625 lines?

Any answers?

Peter Parker

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I wouldn't think so, other than if the pj or outboard scaler can do a good job of interpolating lines, it should make edges smoother at least. It can't reaveal any more detail because like you said, the DVD image information is limited to 576 vertical lines.

PAL only has 576 active lines of the 625 - the rest are off screen and used for ceefax etc.



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I would say that the more resolution you have ultimately the larger you can go with your image compared with a panel of less resolution.

Pal is 720x576 which requires display at either 768x576 or 1024x576 if its 16x9. The 625 lines are the amount of scanlines a crt TV uses to display a PAL picture the 576 maps to 625 the differential does not occur because of lines lost for other uses. The image is 576 including the excess information take away the extra info and you get a number less than 576.

Resolution , image size and scanlines are all different things.

Digitally addressed panels do not involve scanlines.

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