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Does one exist?


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Got a bit of a weird request but does anyone know of a networked Media streamer that you can "push" to from a pc? Looking at something for a remote office where we will have 4-5 40" screens with different movies/ads being played from 1 local server (with option to stream from internet if possible like youtube does to some of the streamers) the key is not having user interaction directly with the boxes just with the "control PC/Server" and cost hence looking at streamers instead of more pcs :).

Hope that makes sense, any sugestions greatly appreciated



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Do you have access to that offices network, could you access an IP address through a web browser on it ?

A Tvix Slim S1 might do the trick as it has a built in remote control that can be accessed by a web browser, from the web browser you can make the player play any file it has access to either from local or network storage. The player can be set to random/repeat so all the videos in a folder will play on an endless loop too.

It can play Youtube videos but its rather basic, I would suggest buying one at least and see if that works out for you. You can buy them on Amazon UK if your wondering were to get one.

The only thing is that the boxes do have buttons on them that can control the player, so it would want to be out of sight.


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Be sure to update the firmware as the web remote is present in the current/latest firmware.

To play files you click on the folder "file cabinet" icon when in the web remote interface.

To setup network shares you go into the settings/network section then can set up to 4 bookmarked network shared locations which are then accessed from the main gui when browsing media.


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My PCH-A110 can do this also - it has a web interface for setup etc, or you can get indepth and build a YAMJ interface for using on your iPhone (via Wifi). It also functions on a Windows PC where you can choose a file and click Play on "Media Device"...only issue is your youtube request....


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Thanks scumball,

I will look at the unit, i only mentioned youtube as so idiot higher up would like to stream nearlive video live tvcatchup and the like but i am trying hard to discourage this as that would probably require a fully fledged pc for each screen.

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