Does My TV Have to have eArc to Play Atmos?


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I got a Vizio TV, the P series 65 inch Quantum X, a decently new receiver (Onkyo 830), 4 new in-ceiling speakers, and now I’m reading that in order for me to actually hear real Atmos, my TV must support eArc. Is this true? Am I not hearing Atmos even when I play a 4K Blu-Ray disc on my Sony X800M2? Do I need a different TV? So much to learn!

Here’s one of the articles I read.


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If your disc has Atmos and it's connected direct to the receiver via HDMI you're getting Atmos. If it's connected via the TV then you're not.

If Netflix on your TV has an Atmos stream or another device you've connected direct to the TV has it, then you're probably not getting Atmos. We don't have Vizio's in my country so I'm unfamiliar with them.
Your receiver display should tell you what format the audio is.


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Thank you so much for your help. I reread that article a little bit slower, and I think I’m starting to get it now. The technology is just a lot to take in.

It seems like if I am playing Atmos content from my 4K Apple TV, or from my Blu-ray player direct to my receiver, then I’m fine. But if the source is the TV, then it uses the optical cable which doesn’t support Atmos.

Am I understanding?
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