Does my PTAE100 have the PSU problem?


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I know I'm probably over a year behind the zeitgeist with this...

Have had a PTAE100 for over 18 months now (only about 500 hours on it) - and never had a problem with it till Saturday. NB - it was a refurbished model that was fixed after having the well known PSU problem.

On Saturday I turned it on, it made a pop, followed by what I can only call a 'fart' noise, and then the lamp failed to light. At which point I turned it off.

Now when I turn it on, the fan starts up, it all sounds good, and then it starts intermittently making the same farting noise. Then the 'lamp' LED starts flashing red, the power light turns orange, the lamp fails to come on, and if I leave it long enough it turns itself off.

So my question (particularly to those of you who have had the PTAE100 PSU problem) is: Are these symptoms of the PSU problem?

Also, if it is, does anyone know if and how much Panasonic will charge to fix (I'm pretty sure I only had a 12 month warranty on the unit)

Thanks in advance for any help


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When I had the PSU problem (twice) the projector would startup and sometimes I would get a feint flickery picture, before it would switch itself off. There was no 'pop' sound to mark its demise.

I think you may wish to check out the bulb to make sure its okay.

The original warranty period on these models was 2 years, but refurbs may be different.

If your refurb agreement was 'as new', and the problem is the PSU, then you are probably in line for a free repair as (1) the PSU is faulty by design/manufacture, (2) the original repair was not done properly.


Has the bulb maybe blown??
They sometimes go with a pop.



My AE100 PSU went at Christmas (impecible timing!).

Cost me £94, including shipping both ways, which I thought was quite reasonable.

Panasonic replaced the PSU board.

--- Dave


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Good to see you posting.................... your instructions on 1:1 mapping the AE100 are the stuff of legend here.................. glad to hear that your AE100 is going still. How many hours are up on it, out of interest ???

Sean G.


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Well I took my Panny apart over the weekend to see what was wrong with it. The inside of the bulb casing was a mess of broken glass - I guess that was the problem then - a blown bulb.

Anyone recommend a good place to get a replacement? And from a quick google it seems I'm looking at £250 +vat! I'm sure when I bought it people were saying bulbs were going to be £140ish...

Also - anyone want to comment on why my bulb has blown after less than 500 low power hours? I have a surge protector, and always turn it off when it's not in use.

This isn't a cheap hobby...


Originally posted by hermand
Also - anyone want to comment on why my bulb has blown after less than 500 low power hours?

You're just unlucky :(

If it helps (which it won't), you're not alone. Smurfin's Z1 lamp blew recently - he's currently fighting it out with Sanyo :eek:

IIRC, cheapest AE100 lamp I remember seeing here was just over £200. Try a search.

Best of luck.



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Just to complete the story...

After shopping around (courtesy of Google) the cheapest place online I found was - £219 + vat and delivery - £267 in all.

Slight hiccup in getting it delivered, but had it in my greasy mits seven days after ordering.

Popped it in the Panny and it was good as new. In fact it was a lot brighter than I remember it being; I think the old bulb must have been on it's way out for a while and had become gradually dimmer.

So basically happy now, and I got a free dust filter as well. (Saves me cleaning the old one)

So overall a happy ending - until this one goes bang...


Any idea how long the AE100 warranty is. I ready a while back that it was 2 years but i'm sure it was only one year.....Anyone?


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