Does my integrated graphics adapter sound faulty?


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Not my lovely Alienware, but rather dad's cheap business machine. It's an HP Compaq 6710b, and it has the Intel Mobile 965 Express graphics chip.

Why do I think it is faulty? When dad opens anything remotely demanding on graphics, he gets flickering effects, or the screen goes black, then after a while comes back on with a message along the lines of 'The graphics display driver has stopped working' from his system tray. I've not seen any artefacting or anything, just intermittent flickering, probably about 10 times a minute at times, which typically takes up the bottom 50% or so of the screen).

With it being a work laptop, there's nothing particularly demanding on it - Google Maps (especially Streetview) causes it, as do hidden object games. While I appreciate that integrated graphics aren't that good, I still don't see why they'd have a problem running such simple tasks.

I've tried updating the graphics drivers (but can't find anything more recent), and I've tried playing about with loads of different settings. Surprisingly (to me) there are no settings in the BIOS to do with graphics, memory allocation, e.t.c.

Is there any way of confirming the chip is faulty? I wouldn't be surprised if it was (laptop seems to run pretty hot!) but it would be nice if there was a way of confirming it :smashin:


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Do a Windows recovery and then run 3D Mark.

I'm tempted to do that but I don't have the copy of Windows that the laptop was shipped with, a recovery partition, or anything else really. I'm sure the copy it was sold with was genuine (it does all updates and stuff fine), but I was kinda hoping there might be a way to check without resorting to that :)


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desktop screen resolution - is it low res and when you try and change it does it default back to a low res ?

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