Does my component cable need shielding??


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Apr 1, 2013
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Reading further you may realize this belongs in the Gaming forums but I think this is more cable related than gaming.

My 23" monitor has DVI, HDMI and VGA inputs. I use DVI with PC and the HDMI is hooked to a HDMI switch that connects all my consoles in my room to one monitor. everything works fine no noise even when multiple sources are sending video to the HDMI switch meaning tons of cables and video signals rushing here and there. Also to compliment audio, 5.1 Altec Lansing speakers and wireless headset for nighttime, whose transmitter sends out 5GHz radios and my wireless router on the 1st floor uses 5Ghz band too. but I have no qualms there. everything flows as it should.

Recently dusted off my old PS2 but all I have are really thick sleeved rocketfish component cables for it, but my Monitor has no Component inputs so I bought a Component to HDMI box definitely a cheap piece of hardware, but hey! no lines, no noise, everything is good.

In efforts of making my consoles flow together video and audio wise in my growing Man-cave, I needed optical out for my 360, as its the only device in the room without it, my headset runs off toslink audio, and my PC has opt-in to analog out 5.1.
So I bought a 4 in 1 component cable to hook up PS2 and 360 to the same Component to HDMI box.
But now I have noise ONLY with this cable, getting lines across the screen from both 360 and PS2, where before PS2's other component cables produced no lines, have yet to test a dedicated 360 component cable (has yet to arrive).

Could I solve this problem with mere cable shielding? seems the 4in1 is poorly shielded because when I use it, I get video noise, even in my cable-jungle.
Wait what?
you can use this WITH HDMI out for video?? Have the Xbox 360 Elite, has HDMI but no Opt-out. Had it setup to the hdmi switch and had a headphone jack in the back of my Monitor go into the Line-In of my soundcard, real crappy distorted audio, hence why Im getting component cables for it, because they include a Opt-Out on the cable. The 4in1 had the opt-out port on it too, is why I mostly got it, PS2 already has Opt-Out.

Is there no way to fix crappy cables? Just want these screen lines gone. I know its not the converter box, I get no lines from using the PS2 dedicated component cables.
Just realized that the 4in1 works as it should, no lines, on my old LCD Monitor TV 19" (the really old first-gen thick kind, native 1440x900 16:10), currently using my main 24" LED Monitor native 1080p.

Watched some cable making videos and tutorials.
I spent ~$15+S&H on the 4in1 cables, would at least like to get the money's worth.

Cant use the LCD 19" because its not mine anymore.
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