Does 'just' mode work on the RGBHV inout

I have just discovered that using a JS RGB-VGA converter, I can use a 15pin to 5xBNC cable and connect to the RGBHV (same input as component) input.

Does this input (When in RGB mode) allow 'just'.. I know it does when in component, but what about RGB.

If si, this is brilliant news, as I can buy a VGA converter and use it on the component connectors (RGB) for now, then should I ever get a new DVD player, change the cable and move it to the VGA input.

However, this assumes that the Plasma will allow 'just' mode on the RGB/Component input, even when in RGB mode... Does anyone know whether it does?



I only have sources connected to the VGA and composite inputs, but when I select the RGB/Component input, I can't select 'Just' in either mode. In fact, Component only seems to do 4:3 which is odd. I can select 'Just' for the AV (Composite) input though. Perhaps there is some setting I am missing.



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Slightly worrying, but can't be quite right - I'm sure if you connected a DVD player to component, it must be able to do wide mode. Perhaps it won't let you change modes if you don't have a signal to it.

Is there anything in the instruction manual that says what can be used on each?

I'm in the same position as Jon - I've got a PW4 on order and now have to decide what connection/converter I'm going to use. I'm hoping 'just' is selectable on RGBHV connectionm, otherwise I'll have to rethink my current preference. Then again, I might connect Sky+ directly to SVideo and I won't have to worry too much, and maybe then compare picture quality between that and a converted feed to VGA.

Ta, Andrew
Problem is with using S-video is that you won't be able to connect a device into the Composite input.

Whilst I rarely use my VCR anymore, I still want to connect it, just so that I have a tuner.

So, that counts the S-Video connection out.

I only see 4 choices.

1. RGB via a Keene SyncBlaster - Cheap but no 'just' and perhaps not as good as the JS, but it leaves the Component inputs free for other uses

2. RGB via JS Converter - More expensive and probably better quality, but still no 'just'

3. Component via JS Converter - More expensive again, but 'just' is available. However, quality may not be as good and the component inputs are no longer free.

4. Buy the Tuner. This takes standard 'SCART' inputs, but its stupidly expensive. Plus I have heard that the picture quality doesn't compare to the JS converters

The problem is that none of these solutions are perfect, which is why I am swaying towards option 1 (Syncblaster) as a temporary and cheaper solution until I work out exactly what I need.

At the end of the day, the Syncblaster has to be a good investment anyway, as if/when you go down the Component route, it will still allow you to conenct a standard RGB device to the VGA input.


Jon, I'm not sure what your complete requirements are but I do this :-

Pace DTV box set to RGB output, passing through my Sony DVD to the Panny via the JS VGA box. Picture is excellent.

Panasonic VCR to composite (a friend made the lead for free - Sevenoaks quoted £100 - yes, £100 for a 3m phono tp phono!!). Picture is fine (probably better than it was on the TV actually)

I always watch the Pace in 16:9 or Zoom (to get rid of logos on CBeebies etc). I had a widescreen Panasonic for 5 years and always used Just mode, but using the Pace box I think that most stuff is widescreen anyway. I don't miss Just mode.

BTW, does your video have an SVideo output? Mine doesn't - perhaps yours is SVHS.

I know exactly how I am going to connect mine up, just not sure about which type of converter to use.

My VCR only supports Composite, so I have no choice on that and that puts the use of S-Video out of the equasion.

I will make up my own cables for this, so thats not a problem.

My Sky+ currently loops through my DVD player, so I only have a need for 1 RGB connections.

I am currently swaying towards the Syncblaster. Its cheap and even if if I find that its doesn't give a perfect picture and decide that I REALLY want 'Just' mode, I can simply buy a JS Compoent converter later.

I won't have really wasted much, as my Sky/DVD will then connect to the Component input and the SyncBlaster will then allow me to connect another RGB device to it. If I put a gender changer on the end, I could actually connect ANYTHING to it (i.e my XBOX or PS2) without the need for specific cables.


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Thanks NickT for posting a link to the manual - very handy that.

Obvious from the manual that RGBHV cannot use 'just' - it is processed in the same way as VGA, and you can't select the "cinema" brightness/contrast mode on it either. That's swayed me - I'll be going for a component converter from John.

Unfortunately my DVD player does not have Scart RGB passthrough. My first Sky box didn't either, but I think the Sky+ box might. In which case I don't need a scart switch, which would save me £80. Anyone confirm that? Anyone know how to select the Scart passthrough, or do you have to put the Sky+ into standby?

We've now got two threads going on this issue, and I haven't even got the plasma yet :).

I must admit that I was under the impression that the original SKY digibox did RGB loop-thru, but I could be wrong

The Sky+ definately does.. When the box is in standby, the 2 SCART connectors are effectivly joined together. So what ever come in on each pin, goes out the other side on the same pin.

I currently don't use this feature, as my DVD player does it.. But i am tempted to use it so that I could connect a 3rd RGB device.


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Well, that's good news. I think I'm pretty much sorted then. Only issue for me will be when I get a DVD player with component out. After that, I'll need a component video switch to get the Sky output from the RGB converter switched with the DVD output. But I suppose I'll have to use it as an excuse to upgrade my amp to one that does component video switching :).

Just been looking at cables. I'm going to need 3m component cable, and found that Lektropaks do phono to BNC (no nasty plug converter) in whatever length you want, for a not too unreasonable price (3m will be about £45). In their ProLink series.

Now I just have to worry about mounting on plasterboard and trunking the cables. And yes, I've read the huge thread on this and got a few ideas :).

The cables that I am going to use are 'Tech-Link', which can be found in CPC.. They arn't cheap, but aren't stupidly expensive either. The Component (3xPhono) costs £10.03+vat.

I have also ordered a SCART to 6xphono (Composite/Audio, In/Out) for about £6

This will go into the SCART out of the VCR, then 3 of the Phonos will go to the 'input' of the Plasma.

The other 3 Phonos will go into the Output of the Sky+ (Using a SCART to Phono converter).

So, with one cable, I can watch the VCR on the Plamsa, and record the output of Sky with the VCR.

I still have to decide on what I am doing for my RGB and I will be sorted.


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Not that i have a plasma, although i'm hoping to get one in the next few months, but i looked at the manual for which someone posted the link earlier on this thread, and i noticed on page 19 an interesting comment. It said that when using the s-video inputs, the set can detect wide screen signals and size the picture accordingly. If so, one could use this input for sky, which has a propensity to jump all over the place, and use the components for dvd input set on 16:9.

As i say i haven't got the set, so i may be talking out of my ar$e, but i be interested to know if the above would work or not as my amp has an up-signal conversion ability to convert my composit outputs to s-video.
Auto-Wide switching over S-Video was standardized (I think that uses a DC offset). But I am not sure if Sky+ implimented it. As far as I know, very few products actually adopted this feature, but isn't it big in Japan?.

Someone will know the answer for sure.. I am sure that Panasonic support it, assuming the device that you are connecting does.


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my sony 725 dvd player certainly worked with auto-switching through the s-video input on the front of my tv before i changed the setup round to using an RGB scart.

i don't have sky+, which has an s-video out, just normal sky but, my amp is able to up-convert composite to s-video. but maybe, as you say, if sky never implemented the signal.. no go! (sorry to go off thread somewhat)


I think the Panasonic supports it but there are problems (I'm sure I've seen postings elsewher on this forum). However, if you are generating an svideo from composite, how will the amp know that it needs to add the switch command? Presumably it can't derive this from the composite signal as it doesn't support it.

Are you sure that it was hardware 'auto-switching', or was it the 'software' in the TV doing it.

TVs offer 2 'auto-wide' solutions

1. Hardware.

This is done through pin 8 of the SCART of via a DC Offset in the S-video connection.

The result is that when the STB or DVD player outputs a true widescreen signal, it puts a hardware signal on the SCART/S-Video which makes the TV go into 'wide'.. This has the effect of streching the picture (not zooming) from left to right

2. Software

Withing the 'operating system' of the, there is wide detection, which is where the TV looks for 'black bars'.. When it sees them it zooms.

Some TVs are more sensitive than others and some offer user settings to change the sensitivity of the function.

However, it has its problems, namely that things with black areas can be seen by the TV to be letter box and therefore it 'zooms'.

My TV did this all the time on a particular advert.. There was a black bar at the bottom, the TV would see this and zoom and it used to really p**s me off.

Are you sure that the TV was actually switching because of a hardware signal, or could it be that the output of the DVD was letterbox (i.e black-bars) and the TV was compensating?


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thanks for the response - and sorry about hi-jacking your original thread..

I understand the difference, but just to summise the difference, in my case anyway:

DVD - scart to scart (s-video) - correct autoswitching to 16:9 (as also occurs when i used the s-video to s-video input on the front of the tv. Hardware presumably for both scart and s-vid.

Sky - scart to scart (RGB) - correct autoswitching, but does chop and change during adverts sometimes, but always goes to 16'9 for say news24 - is this hardware from sky or software in tv? It sounds like the tv, especially given the previous response that they didn't think sky had implemented hardware switching?

VCR - scart-scart (composite)... no switching whatsoever on pre-recorded 16:9 stuff, but does zoom on (non-anamorphic) widescreen. Presumably software in the tv as it looks for black bars etc

Does routing s-vid through an amp preserve the switching component of the signal?

Thanks for any comments.


I think there is an extra complication with broadcast material in that there is some extra signal that can be sent to tell a TV that the picture is widescreen. So, if you have a Panasonic TV and you have the mode switching to Auto, I think it will usually set to WIDE (not Zoom - it does this for black bar detection) when you change to Channel 4. Perhaps News24 sends this signal too. Sorry - I haven't a clue how it works. I know the plasma has Auto too but I don't know if it mimics the way the TV works.

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