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Does it really matter where you place the power brick?

tony kop77

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I bought a 360 on relese day and I got the 3 red light light error early December. Microsoft gave me a replacement and I placed the power brick on a small wooden table which was fine untill last week where the machine failed to read the discs and made a loud whining noise.
I am thinking of geting rid of the table and just putting the power brick on my glass unit floor leve or on top of my Kef 2005.1 glass sub. Does it really matter where you place the thing?


It shouldn't really matter where you put the thing as long as it's got sufficient airflow over the top and sides.

Mine is place between my Receiver and my PS2, it has 2" free either side and nothing above it

And don't ever submerge it under water :D


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It should not matter where you place it but it does give off a fair amount of heat so I suggest in a well ventilated position.


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Well I've found it interferes with wireless signals so well away from your wireless adaptor is my only advice.

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