Does IN76 upscale DVDs


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Just a quick question before I make the plunge. Does the InFocus IN76 upscale DVDs itself or would I need an upscaling DVD player? I've seen the Toshiba SD-360E for very cheap, and its upscaling feature seems to get very good reviews. Will I need this, or will it not really help? By the way, my current DVD is a Panasonic DMR-E50 recorder, no HDMI or component connections at all. Will the Tosh offer benefits over this?

Many thanks.


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Your projector will upscale standard DVD's and possibly do a better job than the Toshiba you mentioned. Its not a bad dvd player, but i doubt you will notice much of an improvement over your Panasonic.

Edit : Just seen that your Panasonic doesnt have component or HDMI, so the Tosh might be an improvement after all. I think they were selling them really cheap in Richer sounds a few weeks back.


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ANY HD type display whether it be LCD TC, Plasma, Projector etc upscales an SD feed, or else it would only fill a small part of the screen. Even from a a composite lead from an old VCR

An IN76 has pixelworks processing IIRC, which will do a lot better job of processing the video and scaling it to 1280x720p than a £100 DVD player will.

The whole thing about how great cheap upsampling DVD players with HDMI output are is something that's a bit of marketing con, helped along greatly by AV rags like What Hifi.

However the lack of component connections on your panny is a bit of problem as it will prevent you getting the most from DVD's


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Thanks for the swift replies!

So if the Tosh wouldn't necessarily be an improvement over the PJ's own upscaler, how about buying an RGB-to-component converter to go in the back of the Panny and provide the component connection to the PJ? Would this offer any improvements to the picture quality?

(I'm picking the PJ, etc. up tomorrow, so want to make sure I'm getting the right stuff!)


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Converting won't help PQ, you should really get a decent DVD player with component (576i) output - upscaling is unnecessary.
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