Does Image AI improve contrast or a clever gimmick? (HD230x)


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I own an Optoma HD230x projector and am having a bit of a hard time deciding if Image AI setting is worth it?

I have my projector in a pitch black garage (no windows etc) and therefore have the lamp set to its dimmer setting.

I don't have a keen eye for black levels and have always had image AI set to off. Tinkering trying to get the perfect picture I have decided to turn Image AI on however all it seems to do is make the fan spin louder/bulb go brighter in bright movies such as Toy Story, Monsters Inc etc.

Does Image AI make the contrast darker/richer in darker movies even on a PJ bulb's lowest setting by blocking the iris or does it just dim the bulb? which obviously wouldn't make any difference to me as I have it on lowest setting so would be of no benefit.

Sorry if this doesn't make sense.

sub routine

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I'd say if you can't tell the difference And the fans louder, turn it off and enjoy it bud :)
Don't own the optomo though I'm afraid so can't tell you anything specific mate.

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