does horizontal lens shift affect picture quality?


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Hi guys just moved into new house and as the windows are directly in front of the screen wall I have had to place my sanyo z4 next to the window with the horizontal lens shift on full. Luckilly it just fits. However I'm sure I've read on these forums that lens shift will affect the picture quality. Im just wondering if I should ceiling mount the projector (a lot of arsing about) If there is a loss of image quality would moving it to the ceiling be a worthy improvment.

many thanks


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I have a ceiling mounted Z5 with the horizontal lens shift set at 900mm (3 feet) and don't see any loss in quality.
I can't understand why some people think you'll lose image quality with lens shift. To me it's the exact same image only moved across or up/down. I wouldn't think Sanyo or any other manufacturers would have lens shift if it was going to cause a loss in quality.


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I didn't think the lense shift affected the image, however keystoning affects the image quite a fair bit.

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