Does Gamestation trading Import PS3 for a Uk one



Just thought i would ask if anybody has taken their JP/US pS3 into any game shop,(Gamestation/Game/ECT),and managed to trade it towards a UK PS3.


Is there a huge difference in the box design from the US to the UK one? If there isn't, they might take it without knowing!

I guess the Japanese one would be a little hard to convince them...


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They test consoles before they accept them. I don't know what their testing procedure is but if they use PS2, PS1 games and region 2 DVD's then obviously they will realize it's not a UK console.
Years ago gamestation did have import games/consoles but that stopped.
The Japanese box similar from the front but on top when you open the box to get to the machine half the writing is in Japanese and when they look at the manual... well i guess you get the idea.;)

You do realise that all PS3 games are region free? If you not bothered about UK PS2 games I'd stick with what you got.

If you were going to sell it, ebay or this forum would be your best bet, the only other shop which might help you could be CEX.

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