Does Filmmaker Mode override Blu-ray player settings?


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I recently ordered an LG CX OLED, mostly on the basis that it was the cheapest OLED I could find that includes Filmmaker Mode. (I've been after the TV for a while, but only recently pulled the trigger as it was finally within my budget)

How does the TV's Filmmaker Mode affect a disc player's picture settings? I'm not very tech-savvy, so I don't quite understand how it works, because surely the player has already processed the information a certain way before sending the information to the TV? I've not yet purchased a 4K disc player, but will likely go with the Panasonic UB-820 as I've heard it's pretty much the best player for picture quality that's at an affordable price (around £300) and has the same apparently great processor as another model from Panasonic that's around £800, if I remember correctly.

I'm just after the most accurate picture settings I can get from 4K discs. I'm not a gamer and don't stream anything, so it's just all about the 4K discs for me, as I'm a film lover.

I've not been able to find any other posts about this, so it's probably a silly question, but I would really appreciate it if someone took the time to explain this to me.



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It just tells the TV to switch to that picture preset on the TV if the video content has the embedded flag, thats it.

The filmmaker mode is manually selectable so you can just select that as TV mode and leave it on all the time.

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