Does Backup carry corrupt data? Formatting etc.


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Long story short: if my PS3 has corrupt data on it, will that corruption carry over to my external backup drive, and then transfer back to my new ps3 when I do a Restore?

Long version: I had a phat running an aftermarket 500GB drive. Over the years the PS3 had all sorts of hissy-fits, multiple patches, different games, etc. and I never formatted it during its use. I created backups, but the 500gb external drive got full, so deleted some of those files; then noticed some backups took hugely longer to do. The PS3 phatty eventually got to a bad state and I bought a slim.

I pushed my 500GB drive into the slim, did the fast format, set up etc. Then restored the data off the external drive, to find that it only restored all the game saves (which the last 14 of those can be found on my online PSN cloud) a few photos, but it failed to restore any game data/DLCs.

I ran a few games, installed data off those discs - they all ran fine. Downloaded DLC for some games - again ran fine. Then I downloaded the DLC for Blackops and hit install - it froze at 20% and hung there for a whole day. I switched off the ever hotter slim. Restarted to find the Blops DLC still there - but my system was now super slow. Tried it again - again it froze.

To hasten the system I tried all sorts. I booted into safe mode and did some of the options and nothing improved. I then did the one where it formats the drive fully and it said it found corrupt data

- that'll be the partially installed DLC - but my fear is that its got fragmented packets of data from the Restore I did off the external drive. Is that just complete rubbish?

This reset or whatever it is just simply wasn't working. It took hours. I went into the slim XMB again, and again it was slow. So hit FULL format, and left it for 9 hours. It was still calculating the time left, and said progress was 0%. Uh oh!!!

I took the HDD out. Put the original small one in, and hey presto it all works fine. Only problem is that this drive is too small; the PSN cloud only seems to have my last 14 upload save-data, so missing loads of old saves.

If I fix this corrupt 500 drive, or buy a new one, is it safe to use the external drive backup data to Restore.... or is it much safer to simply start all over again and forget all my old saves? Is the backup external drive carrying duff data???


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