Does anyone want an SVS PB-2 Plus?


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I have a pending order with SVS (placed nearly 3 weeks ago - there's a waiting list!) for a PB-2 plus, which I'm toying with cancelling. My circumstances are likely to change in 8 weeks time (this has come out of nowhere), which means it will be boxed up in a garage for 12 months, so I'm thinking of cancelling my order.

The PB-2 is likely to despatch on Monday/Tuesday next week, so it will probably arrive a week Monday.

Anyone interested in jumping to the front of the SVS queue for this?



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Agghhh!! This is so tempting but I have two problems.

1. It will put a big dent in my budget for new fronts. (what is the exact price BTW?)

2. Where do I put the damn thing!? It's massive!


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Transport is (only) 200$ for this sub? :?


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The price inc all duty and the baxglobal handling fee, along with shipping will take the price to around £950 I think...


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If only I had the spare money, I would have been sorely tempted.

I'm sure someone will want this. At the price, it's a bargain.


Damn this is temtping as I am in the middle of getting a SVS myself it will be £500 + VAT and Handling so probably about £750ish.

Where do you live and I might think about taking this from you!!



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Hi smurfin.

What are the taxes due on this item?

I was quoted $1199 for the unit, $210 door to door delivery by svs for baxglobal.

Im guessing there are UK taxes on top, do you know what they are?

To jump the q i may be interested and live near Oxford.

When will you know the final price?


Ian J

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Import Duty will be 4.5% of the sub plus shipping cost then there is Vat on the total.

SVS will debit the credit card account for the $1400 when the sub is due for despatch and the sterling amount depends entirely on the credit card company's conversation rate.

I'm not sure what exchange rate Bax Global use for the taxes though.


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Originally posted by Ian J

I'm not sure what exchange rate Bax Global use for the taxes though.

Bax Global feed the $ amount into a HMCE system which uses prior month end spot rate which I believe to be around the 1.90 mark.


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Hi Smurfin, Whats the latest??


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Hasn't been sent yet; due for despatch this week. Not 100% if I'm going to sell it yet, if I buy another one in 12 months time then doubt the exchange rate will be as good as it is at the moment! Oh decisions....:rolleyes::)


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Ok, let us know when you have made a decision<<


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Hi Matt
My SVS was shipped Friday and Bax have telephoned today to arrange delivery tomorrow....SVS are using the 'prime' service which seems to be very quick, so you may not have to wait a full 7 days.

I placed my order back on the 10th Feb, so its taken longer than I expected...I wonder if Erik will have put a bit extra in the box for me too :devil:

I was getting disconcerted by the delay as when I placed my order the exchange rate was around the 1.87 - 1.90 has since dropped, but is still high compared to what it was a year ago...nevertheless, I am not complaining as SVS have a policy not to charge your card until they ship...and I would not deal with any company who charge before they ship. I have calculated that the fall in exchange rate will have resulted in around £30-£40 extra....these subs still represent magnificent value.

Well, I've booked a day off to be in when its delivered...I'll let you know how I get on.



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Hi Ian,

Yes I kept quiet :devil:

After much discussion with Ron and Erik I decided on the pc-ultra.

I'm no expert so I may be seeking your advice on set up.

Although it has taken longer than expected, the level of support and excellent communications more than make up for any delay.



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I too have just placed an order for a pc ultra.
After hearing ians pc-plus 20-39 (thanks again for that) i decided it was a more than worthy replacement for my now dead servo.

Settled on the ultra as the pb2-plus was too big for my room and the ultra was the best tube with a built in amp (i already have too many damm boxes).
Hopefully this WILL be my final subwoofer purchase for some time.

Time to sit back and wait i guess.... Subless :mad:


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What does Bax "Prime" mean?

Express? Here yesterday but grumpy from severe Jet Lag?

Or an April Ist surprise? With barnacles on the base plate?

Chicago O'Hare?

I just hope I don't get a B2 "Packing Crate" instead of my "Wheely Bin" or I'll be cross!! :mad:

But, if I should get a PC Ultra instead. Then I'll be absolutely LIVID!! :devil:

Nimby ;)

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