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Does anyone think the price of Tosh 42XV635DB go down this Christmas or January?


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Hi guys and gals,

I am a newbie here so forgive me if I ask a daft question. I am thinking of getting a Toshiba 42 inch xv635db LCD TV. It is going for £649 at Comet and John Lewis, but as it is so close to christmas and january, does anyone think the price will go down or stay about the same?

I am a student so I am being a bit tight with money.

Thanks in advance.


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It's actually gone down to £579 on Amazon. :) Pretty great price, I shall be ordering it myself soon.


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Can't see it dropping below the £479 with cashback, after all there aren't any other comparable 42s under £500 and sterling is struggling again.

Certainly don't buy it from Comet if the price is the same as John Lewis with 5 year warranty :eek:


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Having researched TVs for many weeks online and in showrooms and monitoring prices all the way, I finally took the plunge and bought the 42XV635DB online from John Lewis for £649 (inc. delivery and the all-important 5yr warranty). They were out of stock for a while and I nearly made do with my second choice of DigitalDirect @ £615 (inc. delivery and 3yr warranty). That £615 price by the way, takes into account the £100 cashback offer from Toshiba that ends on Nov 11th (Details here: Toshiba LCD TV Cashback) Note that only the listed sellers are participating in the £100 cashback offer.

Anyhoo, the TVs finally came back into stock at John Lewis and I really wanted the 5yr warranty, so job's a good'un. I suspect that the only models that'll have a sale price over christmas will be ones that aren't selling well and/or ones about to be superceded. I don't see the 42XV635 coming down in price anytime soon (perhaps feb/mar/apr at a guess) because it's a really good model for the price and it's selling well (out of stock in many places, high street and online) and I don't think it's that old.

I wanted this model in particular so I didn't want to get into the situation where I was banking on it coming down in price and then finding it didn't and there was no stock left at my preferred sellers, so then I'd have to pay more at somewhere that did have stock and pay more again for the extanded warranty. I suppose it depends on your own circumstances doesn't it - how badly you want this particular model, how long can you wait to get it, what value you put on a good warranty etc. Prices will always eventually come down but how long will it take?


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Having watched TVs over the last couple of years, there is little difference in overall price between November and January. Obviously there may be certain specific Tvs that could be cheaper, but generally. no. And VAT goes up 2.5% in January.
Best to look for a TV that is going to be superceded by a new model.

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