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Does anyone own this speaker?


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Well the product is what it is, and if that is what you want and need, then that's a problem solved. Just make sure you understand what it is, and make equally sure that is what you really need.

The Origaudio Rock-It is very similar in design to a bass tactile transducer that turn any surface or object into a speaker. And, yes, that is a very interesting novelty, but I would not expect full range full fidelity sound from such a device.

Again, it is a cool little novelty, and has some value on that front, but if you want real speakers and real sound, then buy real speakers.

You have to decide what your priorities are. If you have money to burn on gadgets, and a lot of people do, then this might be something cool to impress your friends. But, if you are on a very tight budget, I think there are better ways to spend your money. Though, overall, don't expect much for US$50.

But then ... that's just my opinion, and I confess I've never heard the device.



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If it was me I wouldn't bother, like Steve says it's a novelty item. Are you looking for speakers to use at home, portable speakers or a toy? Unless it's a toy you're looking for I think you're money could be better spent elsewhere.


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Its primary use is to stick to the shower to listen to the music as i wash
I'm aware the sound won't be fantastic, I'm just curious as to how good it'd be seeing as people on youtube seem to like them
I think you can get them on eBay too for about £20

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