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does anyone *not* have a landline?

richard plumb

Distinguished Member
I'm looking at maybe switching from sky to a freesat PVR, and looking at the cost breakdowns. I realise I'm paying £12.50 a month for line rental and our phone bill is maybe £2 a month. The rest of the time its just a portal for annoying marketing people to ring us up.

So why don't I just cancel it? well, it just feels odd to.

Has anyone here cancelled their land line? Any issues?


Senior Moderator
We maintain a landline just for broadband but no phone is even plugged in


Distinguished Member
We have a phone line due to having broadband but I'd happily go without it if I could.


Distinguished Member
The only reason I have one is sky make me have one because of multi room.

I'd be delighted if I didn't have to have one.


Distinguished Member
Try O2 home phone. They offer it for £7.50 line rental I think.


Distinguished Member
Never had a phone line since I moved into my place 5 years ago. Got Virgin for BBand, and you do pay more on paper for what others pay for ADSL - at first 2meg was £10 a month, but that went up to £18 a month, then switched up to 10meg for £21 a month.


Established Member
I went without one quite happily for several years when I was renting flats and moving about a lot (every six to twelve months). A 3G dongle did everything I needed it to besides gaming.

I moved in with my grandmother a while back and she's got one, I only use it for the interwebs though.


Prominent Member
We don't have one at the mo in my Uni house. We've just got virgin for broadband. Although I half wish we'd gone with someone else! :(


Distinguished Member
I am just on virgin broadband @ £21 , no land line at all, we have mobiles and that's all.

Got sky hd without a phone line been like that for 3 + years.


Distinguished Member
I was thinking of ditching the landline too but the broadband has always been a sticking point. We pay around £24 month for phone and internet, but looks like I'd be paying near enough that for broadband alone


Distinguished Member
Land line forever- its much clearer than mobile, no signal or headache issues, unlimited calls to landlines, free voicemail, the only time I use my mobile is when I am out of the radius of the DECT (I.e outside the garden)


Distinguished Member
Got Virgin Broadband and phone line for £21, but haven't had a phone plugged in for 5+ years. Only really had it for Sky multiroom but cancelled that a while back (& don't miss it). Hated having a home phone, we never answered it because it was never anyone we wanted to speak to, 100% sales calls. It's cheaper to keep it than not with Virgin.


Distinguished Member
I would love to get rid of the lindline and stop paying BT. I really would!

I was a BT customer for a number of years before I moved to a new house. When I called to request the phoneline move, I was forced by BT to close my old account (was moving from city to a town), open a new one, threaten with £200 re-connection fee and eventually offered a lower £30 re-connection fee if I take their worst possible contract. I should mention that the ADSL is the only way I can get broadband here.

So right now I got the beautiful 18 month BT contract, they charge me line rental, they also punish me if I make less than 30 phone calls per quater (we do not ever use the BT phone to call anywhere as we have lots of free minutes on out mobile phones) with £15 fee, plus another ~£12 for 'processing fees' (ie they have to print my bill) because I do not agree to set the direct debit.

I used to pay around £40 for a 3 month period for my BT line rental in my old place. Now I pay £60-70 for the exactly same service in my new place. I sent the letter to their complaint department, but was politly told to **** off and keep paying.

campy mccamper

Prominent Member
We maintain a landline just for broadband but no phone is even plugged in

Same here, it used to be plugged in but the only people who ever rang were cold callers in scammers telling me my computer had a virus. Our home number is also similar to the local vets so we used to get the odd hysterical call from some granny because her cat was coughing up green goo.


I've never had a phone line, feel sorry for the guys who have to have a phone for their broadband though, I'm with Virgins 50mbit.


Prominent Member
I dont have a landline, I have Virgin internet ( no need for a landline) and a contract mobile srevice. I'm even thinknig about ditching Virgin internet and just use 3 all you can eat data for the internet. Why pay twice for phone and internet?


Distinguished Member
stblob said:
I dont have a landline, I have Virgin internet ( no need for a landline) and a contract mobile srevice. I'm even thinknig about ditching Virgin internet and just use 3 all you can eat data for the internet. Why pay twice for phone and internet?

Depends on your use. I have the Three all you can eat on my contract but I'd like to see someone run 2 laptops, a PC and a Xbox 360 off it all at once without issue.

Miss Chief

Distinguished Member
I have sky line rental (£12.25) and their broadband (£7.50) and the free calls service. Last month I made no calls that were chargeable at all. The bill was the line rental!

Sky can also activate a landline at a new address or even ask Openreach to install one if you don't have one. 12 month contract but you need talk, LR and broadband these days. I shudder to think of these people who think BT are the only option and are paying over £30 a month to them!

Did you also know BT line rental is going up to £14.60 next month?

Johnny P

Established Member
The only reason I have a landline is because it comes as part of my Virgin broadband package. I can't remember the last time a person actually called me on the landline. I think it may have been the missus when I didn't answer my mobile. That's it sorted then.... I'm getting rid of the landline! :laugh: :rotfl:

The only "people" who seem to call my landline are call centres and recorded messages. I don't even answer it most of the time. I could easily unplug it!

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