Question Does anyone make anything similar to this Ikea Expedit


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Hi folks,

As the due date for my second daughter is rapidly approaching and daughter number one has decided she wants to move into the spare bedroom (aka the dumping ground), I'm trying to have a sort out of the lounge furniture.

Ideally I'm looking for something like the Ikea Expedit TV unit (like this one but in beech rather than white Ikea Expedit TV Entertainment Unit Bookcase With 5 Storage Boxes | eBay) as we've already got a Expedit 4x4 bookcase in the lounge that I want to replace with the TV unit so the bookcase can go in my daughter's bedroom. Unhelpfully it appears Ikea have changed their lines and there's nothing like this in the Kallax line that has replaced it as far as I can tell from their website and I'd rather not try and chance one coming up on ebay within a sensible drive of me.

It's been quite a while since I've looked at furniture for AV gear so I'm not quite sure where to look these days, so any suggestions are gratefully received.
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