Does anyone know Immersit ?


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So I don't know if you heard about it but there is a new Home Cinema that makes your couch move. ANd honestly I am pretty curious about it. Did anyone here try it already ? Any feedback ? It is more than 350 € so... Does it worth it ?



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Hey, Made an account just to answer you

Immersit was a Kickstarter project that only halve delivered. They had 2 products namely the basic and the supercool version that you have posted.
The basic version is plugged in with your sound system and will pick up the bass and transfer it to heavy (like 2kg each) vibrating units that you can put under the feet of your couch. This is the version that I backed and received and I can attest that it is indeed cool and adds to the whole move watching experience.

What you have shown in you post is the deluxe version that never came out. They did get it to work but they could not get the heat management of the device under control. After a long time of redesigning and testing and burning money they admitted defeat and called it of. They offered all backers for the deluxe version a refund and/or a partial refund and a basic version (which again, is a really cool gadget).
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