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Does anyone know how to bleed an oil boiler (after oil ran out)?


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Stupidly, I forgot to order more heating oil and now we have a cold house on the bank holiday weekend and a new baby due on Wednesday.

Anyhow, until we can get more oil (god knows when) I have done the old trick of tilting the tank with a brick. Unfortunately the boiler won't fire up.

My man skills end at this point. I know it needs bleeding but how? Help please.


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There's either be an allen screw or a bolt you undo slightly, hit the red reset button and it'll try to fire up. Do this a few times until the oil comes out the side of the screw/bolt. Tighten and that's it sorted :)


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On mine, there is a flexible pipe coming from the tank to the boiler. I need to remove a cover (at the reset button) and slacken a small bolt until the oil drips out.
Then tighten the nut, hit the reset button. and replace cover.
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I can't seem to find the screw or whatever I need to loosen. Looked high and low and Googles being no help, all i seem to find is those bizzare unreadable websites that you seem to have to pay for answers. nothing on any of the pipes and hoses. I guess its just going to be a cold few days. Very frustrating.


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I have to do this every blooming 3 months as we buy 500l at a time!

Remove the boiler panel, Look for the burner unit (Red square box with vents on)

Look at the oil feed pipe, follow it along to the burner 'carb' assembly and there's usually 2 nuts facing you head on, it's usually the nut on the right, undo this and you'll hear bubbling until the fuel comes through, tighten it up once there's a constant feed and then prime the boiler by pressing the lockout reset and voila, you should have some heating! try WPHeating for a quote, they're the cheapest soo far!

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