Does anyone know an RP with progressive scan?



Is there an RP with progressive scan?
I mean one that could be used with a progressive scan DVD player.

Nope :(

I have a Hitachi RP tv that has internal de-interlacing but has no component sockets. Some Toshiba RP's have component sockets but didn't used to have any form of progressive scan. I think this has changed (you'll need a more knowledgable expert than me) but again its only internal so wont take an extranal prog-scan signal.

Anyone else know any more.

Hopefully now that PAL-prog has been ratified there will be some TV's coming out.

My Thomson 44" RP has a progressive scan mode selectable in the menus.
But no component video inputs.

Don't know much about that feature.

I do know that the picture is incredible and it's a generally gorgeous set, and cheap.
Stuart, Morgan,

Thanks for your postings.

It's a pity one can have either the component sockets (eg. Toshiba RPs) or the internal prog scan (eg. Hitachi or Thomson).

So it looks like we'll just have to wait a few more years ...


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