Does anyone know about Sony's state of the Art only range of LCDs?


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Feb 14, 2007
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I visited Sony Centre in Harrods a few weeks ago, and was happy to see various sizes of LCDs on Display.

I saw some people who I thought could be Korean origin, and looked like the could be from Samsung. Guess what? I was right in both accounts. I approached them, and they said they were from Samsung. Well basically, I guess they were just looking at their rivals or were considering purchasing one for themselves!:smashin:

Anyhow, I met one of the staff and got into a conversation, and he mentioned about Sony producing a state of the art LCD designed for film/design studios, who need a very lhigh evel of definition or resolution for their work. Its is around £20K+ in price.

I just wanted to know if anyone knows anything about it, just in case I win the Euro Lottery this Friday;)(Why play normal lottery, when Euro offers 4-10 times more!:rotfl: ) I know what my next TV I would like to purchase.:D

Thanks, if anyone does. A link would be helpful!:D
If you win the euro lottery drop me a pm and i'll find you a link for a small admin fee. ;)

OK.... if I win..... but I just found out my ticket finished last week!!!!

I thought I had 1 week left! Oh well, I still have tomorrow's Lotto!:D

Fingers crossed!:smashin:

Have a nice weekend!

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