Does anyone know 250x3r versus 3x 250mr



Sorry for the strange Thread name. I used Enter without knowing this wil make the post final....

At this moment I am using a 250x3r to run the three front speakers and a 100x5r to run the 4 back speakers (7.1). I am using a speakerset made of Scan Speak units with a upgraded filter and wiring, front is Reference Plus and back is Reference Monitor. I am using an AV32-DP as a processor.

Just lately 3 250mr's were offered on this forum.
The amplifiers module of the 250mr and the 250x3r are exactly the same as far as I know. Unfortunately I haven't been able to listen to the 250mr myself.

Has anyone done a direct compare with the 250mr and a 250x3r? If so how did it compare concerning sound quality? Differences should be minimal I think.


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the difference in performance if you just power off and swap over connections from a 250x3R to 2x 250MRs is pretty tiny, it's hard to notice, using the 250MRs right behind to the speakers with very short cables makes a small improvement with high quality stereo, in 5.1 I couldn't detect any improvement.


what Liam wrote is correct but it is rather theory.
In reality you will never hear any difference. Only, 250MR is for sure much more cool than 250x3R ;)


Thank you for the prompt replies!
250MR is indeed cool, but a rather expensive upgrade for "just" cool. :)

I will stick to the 250x3r, which is a great amp to my opinion. :clap:
The price difference to upgrade to 3x a 250mr is to much and the 100x5r is more than sufficient for the effect speakers which I am using.


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I don't disagree with the fact that there will be a very minor difference in sound quality.... However, this may assume that its a straight swap, using the same length/type of speaker cable that was formerly used with the 250X3R. You could gain better performance by placing the 250MR's right next to your speakers and using a much shorter speaker cable. I was certainly able to detect an improvement when I used much shorter cable (from 14ft to 1ft) with my 250MR's (now sold and upgraded to Bryston 7B SST's).


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