Does anyone here suffer with or have tips for defeating shaving rash?


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Hi All,

I shave once a week. My preferred stubble level is day 5-6 but I simply cannot get any stubble trimmer to give me an even shave (despite the very good general reviews) so once a week I use a philips oneblade dry and then a fusion proglide wet shave to go clean shaven. Often this leaves me with a rash on my jawline or upper neck, and occasionally on my moustache area. Its very frustrating as it is a real confidence knocker and I have to make sure I time my shave so that if im going out i shave at least 3 days before it for the rash to disappear (with the help of hydrocortisone cream). The day after the day after ive shaved is the worst as ,without sounding gross, the area goes a bit flakey.

I say its a shaving rash but actually its started to itch before ive shaved and i KNOW that when i shave its going to be bad, especially if ive left it more than a week between shaves.

I dont want to get in the habit of shaving every day as i like stubble. ideally i would find a trimmer that gives me an even stubble level but this is like a pipe dream for me!



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Not something I suffer with regularly and I tend to shave every morning.

First thoughts are that you're razor is past its best and/or your shaving gel isn't suited to your skin.

Which products do you use?

And do you usually go with 3 gentle passes or 1 good scrape?

FWIW - the only time I suffer from a rash is when I've left it too long between shaves, but the soreness is only an hour or so and not like you describe.


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ive just bought some shaving butter as i heard that may help. only used it twice so far so perhaps too early to tell. i perhaps scrape a bit hard as i want to get as close a shave as possible? the thing is this isnt even that sore, more unsightly.


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Shaving is an artform. Instead of trying to get it all off in 1 pass, you should be doing 3 light passes. First one with the grain, Second across the grain and the last one against the grain. You should note that not all your hair will grow in the same direction - my neck is different to my face. Just rub your fingers across different areas of your face and "map" which direction your hair actually grows in.

Your razor is most likely tugging on the hair rather than slicing through it.

There's loads of different different creams / gels / butters / foams etc and its finding the one for you - I quite like the cream from Cornerstone as it quite oily so the razer slide easily.

oh - and when you put the stuff on your face - give it a minute before starting to shave, its got to get into the hair and soften it - it's not just for coating your skin with something for the razor to slide against.


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……. grow a beard

I'll get me coat.....:D
Was about to say the same! Used to get horrible razor burn and rash, even worse in the summer when it was really hot, so now I have a beard which I keep grimetr.
No more rash and the Mrs really likes it:D


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cR4cKF0x 5TevE

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Used to suffer with this, best thing I did was ditch the multi blade razors.

I got myself a double edge safety razor,

Edwin Jagger DE89 DE Razor (Chrome)

A good shave cream

Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream (150g Tub)

And some after shave cream

Taylor of Old Bond Street 75ml Sandalwood Shaving Cream Tube

Using the above seriously reduced the rash, well worth the investment.

Changing to a DE razor has done wonders for my skin. No more spots, no ingrowing hairs (and cysts) and I literally look years younger (get described as 'baby faced' all the time, I'm 50 this year). Only time I get any discomfort is if I rush and hack at my beard.
I won't touch a multiblade razor again until I lose my touch/sight confidence at some point in my latter years.

Also, try Argan Oil as a preshave (ie before you apply a good quality shaving cream).


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I have something called Folliculitis which essentially means after shaving I can get loads of spots around my chin/mouth area. This happened well into my mid 20s and just thought it was the typical teenage spots that hadn't stopped. Sometimes I'd get those really awful spots that took ages to go away and like you, the OP, it knocked my confidence and I didn't even wanna leave the house as I could see everytime I saw people their eyes focused on them.

Anyway, after seeing the doctor I was told to use Savlon. Basically every single time before shaving I put on savlon cream around the areas that can be affected (mouth/chin area) keep on for 5 minutes, wash off then use shaving gel or foam (been using Nivea sensitive one for more than a decade now) and it really helped.


I don't know if this will help for you as your case is a rash not spots, but worth a try. You can also buy Savlon in liquid form but dunno which one is better.


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I might try savlon, I have used bergamot oil in the past and it does work to a degree. But there is little evidence that points to it being safe to use long term on the skin.


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Ditch the fusion!
There are so many blades that you tend to get multiple blades on a single hair and it tugs at it rather than cutting it. Bloody awful razor, I suffered with the same thing till I got rid. You are also doing like four passes each time scraping your face with it.
Although I now have a beard, never suffer issues with skin burn any longer from shaving - I use a straight style with replaceable blade for trimming my neck, round the mouth and cheeks.
Prep your stubble - face wash or similar softens the hairs. I personally use shaving oil as it's easier to see my beard line. Keep the blade clean with water.
Rinse your face, pat dry (don't rub!) and follow up with a moisturiser - I like Rock Face myself, but find one you like the smell of etc - some of them are more like grease than a lotion.
Use clippers, these cut the hair leaving a short stub outside the skin. For me close shaving with a razor means the hairs curl back under the skin causing the rash (and infection). I have not wet shaved for many many years.

I use an older version of these Detailer - Wahl UK

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