Does anyone here own the Marantz SR-19?



Currently I'm using bare wire to connect the speakers to the receiver. Loosening the cap from the binding post exposes a hole that goes through on the side of the binding post where I put the bare wire. I was experimenting on some Monster cable Z2 Reference cable where you can attach spade lugs or banana plugs on the ends. The problem is that I could not use banana plugs because of the cap (someone way back told me that you can force the cap out to expose a hole for banana plugs to put in but I do not want to damage the expensive unit). I tried using the spades but the binding posts are very thick such that the spades were not wide enough to fit. Now how do I get around this? What size spades should I use?
all amps now come with speaker terminals
blocked off with a small plastic lug
this easily comes levered out with
small screrwdriver pin etc

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