Does anyone have the latest/any firmware for Toshiba SD9500


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Jul 16, 2004
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Hi there all

I have owned a Toshiba SD9500 for a few years now which i was given for free, unfortunatly its only good for playing CDs and ripped NTSC dvds as its a japenese region 2 NTSC model.

I came across the 20 page SD9500 thread by accident and noticed the latest 2.7 firmware was doing the rounds a few years ago.

As i'm not too bothered about destroying the machine:eek: i wonder if anyone has a copy of any english firmware V2.3 to 2.7 that i can attempt to flash the Tosh to see if it reinstates the PAL/AUTO setting, this machine does have a PAL board in it according to the service manual.

All the best and thanks for reading

Hi Andy

Many thanks for the link and heads up, the user manual made a good read as ive only got a service manual for mine.

Unfortunately i need the firmware update that was doing the rounds a cpl of years back in the "SD9500 for £1095" thread, unfortunetly no one seems to have it including the multi region modders :(, never mind looks like this thing is going back in the loft again.

All the best


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