Does anyone have the Ebuyer Vistron stand?


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I've got the exact same stand so:

In answer to your first question, you can fit 2 items side by side but you're likely to have problems with any connections at the back as the rear legs are only ~70cm apart. Short answer = no.

Second question - it's exactly 40cm deep, but I doubt you're even reading this far because of the first issue.

I tried putting an Onkyo 605 and a Humax 9200PVR on one shelf, but half the connections on the back of the Onkyo get blocked by a back leg.


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Jwruk, thanks very much for a very concise answer, a dissapointing outcome but you've saved me wasting the cash now, much appreciated. :smashin:

Now to continue to ridiculously difficult search for a rack, it's harder than buying the kit!


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