Does anyone have Appkettle


I've had my Appkettle since 2017 and the app is on my Samsung s9 & m51 and here's what I know.
The app is still available on google play but it's definitely gone from iTunes, so if you don't have a backup copy of it somewhere don't uninstall it!
The last time I connected it to a new router was in November 2020. Since then it's been disconnected from the wifi a few times due to power failures while I've been away but does automatically reconnect when the power comes back on.

The app still works up to a point.

It knows the water level and I can turn it on and off but it no longer appears to send the config data to the kettle ie changing the cup size, temperature etc but the kettle is still telling the app when the heating is complete. The temp can be controlled on the kettle but the cup size feature looks like it's lost to us.

Sometimes when it boils it makes a clicking sound. This has only started in the last week and it's also developed the habit of part boiling and then it stops boiling even though it says it's still heating the water. I find that if I just take it off/put it back on it doesn't always restart the boil so I add a bit more water to it and it works fine.

Alexa still works up to a point but the kettle no longer ( well it never did very frequently) responds to confirm it's on, so Alexa comes back with the 'kettle is not responding' even when it has turned it on. Depending on how the connection is to the wifi, it either switches on or doesn't.

I do have an Alexa routine set up in the morning to switch it on and it probably works 1 in 20 times - this is actually because the kettle drops the wifi connection (appkettle claimed at one stage this was an EU requirement, I am still suspicious since no other smart item does). But I can always turn it on via the app.

I find that if Alexa doesn't actually switch it on a few times then using the app to turn it on seems to reset it and Alexa can trigger it.

IFTTT seems to have completely stopped working with appkettle, I used to have it location sensitive so it would turn on just before I get home but that stopped last year unfortunately.

I don't know if any of this helps anyone as the kettle unfortunately is on it's way out but if it gives you a bit of an incentive to keep persevering with it then good.

Also, I've gone looking for a replacement and none of the ones easily available have the temp display (which I find really useful) but there is one that has it - the Xiaomi Smart Kettle Pro which has pretty good reviews on amazon eu and if you want it shipped to the uk you can also buy it from ali baba and it's shipped from their EU warehouse. It doesn't look as nice but it's less than half the price and Xiaomi aren't likely to go out of business.


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Try this Electric Kettle WEEKETT | 4 Temperature Control 2200W with Keep Warm Function on ebay,admittedly it doesn't have the temp display, but everything else is the same,even the colour and theres a few that are a lot cheaper.


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Remote control for the kettle stopped working (via cloud) 27 December. The android app was OK, used most mornings but yesterday it was slow to find the kettle. It did eventually work. Impatient to see if I could restore ifttt operation used successfully only about 2 weeks ago, I deleted the data from the app, now I can't get past the registration page and have lost the ability to drive kettle from my phone too. Manual mode until I replace it I guess, unless anyone knows what the future of the cloud services has in store?


So soon after me posting the info above the kettle went kaput. So I replaced it with the Xiaomi Smart Kettle Pro and sent it back within a week. It connects to the phone via bluetooth and once you drop the connection you have to walk back into the room to get it connected again, no matter how I tried I couldn't get it to connect to Alexa and even as a kettle it's pretty rubbish as there's no water level window.
As I'm in Europe, the only kettle around is one called Wi-Fi iKettle 3.0 from a company called Smarter. Has anyone got any experience with this?

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