does anyone have any ideas on my problem with sony dvp9000ES

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    S Rossi

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    TV Sony KV36FS70B
    DVD SonyDVP-S9000ES
    AMP Denon AVR3802.

    Have no picture problems with the Direct connect via RGB scart from DVD to TV

    However i use high quality svid cable to send signal from DVD to Amp then from amp to TV.
    There are no problems viewing VCR, Sky+ or playstation via this svid connection. And I can even look at the dvd player's saved backgroung picture via this connection and the pic is fine.
    But the moment I play a dvd or look athe the disc's menu, the picture begins to jump or judder in burst of three or four then this repeats every 3 seconds or so.

    Macrovision is i believe disabled and the player has a multi mod to include RCE.

    The only thing I can think of is that at the back of the tv there is no svid connect, so i use a svid to scart convertor to connect it to the tele. However if this was causing the problem the i should have the same touble with sky+ PSII etc.

    I am stumped.
    Can anyone help!!
    Love to all who take the time!


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