Does anyone have an Ntlworld email account plus a Blackberry ?

Ian J

I am having problems with the synchronisation of the emails on my Blackberry with the mailserver.

Everything worked perfectly for a few years until a couple of months ago and now when I have read an email on the Blackberry and ask it to delete from handset and mailserver it will do the former but not the latter. This is very annoying as it means that if I'm away and have read and deleted my emails they will still all be downloaded when I return.

I don't know whether this problem is anything to do with the recent Blackberry firmware upgrade or the Ntlworld migration to a different Virgin platform as everyone I have spoken to tells me to contact someone else.

I have checked all of the obvious things and I have ticked the box to synchronise emails and also to prompt for deletion on both handset and server.

The only setting that I can see on my Blackberry Internet service account with Vodafone is that the server is set to

Does anyone else have an Ntlworld / Blackberry combination and if so is it still working correctly when deleting emails from the mail server using the handset


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What i did was setup an auto forward NTL side to another email account and forward that to my PDA.

I can 'give' you a sky email account if you want?



Since them losing my email address and getting it back for me I can no longer get it to work properly with Outlook even though they insist nothing has changed, so it may well be the new mail servers at Virgin :thumbsdow I don't know if my wife has tried accessing her home email in that way through her work Blackberry but I'll ask for you...


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Has it something to do with Virgin updating their mail system to Google Mail?


In my case definitely, Outlook can connect to the server but then things go pear shaped. Ian's situation is rather more complex so there could be other/different/additional factors involved. I don't want to divert the thread onto my problem unless it's relevant to Ian's though.



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Virgin have been sending out emails to every email account I have with a link where the settings can be changed automatically or alternatively to another link with the manual settings.

Email settings for addresses ending in

Receiving mail (IMAP4) Settings:

IMAP4 server name:

IMAP4 SSL: Enabled

IMAP4 port: 993

IMAP4 authentication: Enabled (or 'Password' on Macs)

IMAP4 username: Full e-mail address, e.g., [email protected]

IMAP4 SPA (Secure Password Authentication): Disabled


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I don't have a Blackberry but I did have a lot of problems with mail that I'd deleted being re downloaded when they switched to the Google mail servers. At the time the website said to use and that seemed to solve my problems except I have an email folder full of old emails that wont go away.

This is using Mac mail and my iPhone.


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I am having problems with the synchronisation of the emails on my Blackberry with the mailserver...
I am pretty sure your problems are symptomatic of Virgin's changeover to the new Googlemail Platform. I've read about loads of users having problems with emails not deleting. I think you need to use 'Recent' mode on your email settings in the Blackberry.

FAQ's about the migration to the Googlemail Platform, click HERE.

NTL settings for your email client once you are migrated, click HERE.

Most importantly for you:
Download mail from the same account on more than one PC or mobile device, using "recent" mode, click HERE.

virgin website said:
If you would like to receive your e-mail using multiple POP3 e-mail clients, you will need to make a slight change to the username settings in your e-mail clients. This change will instruct the mail server to deliver all messages that have been received in your account over the last 30 days, allowing you to download the same messages on multiple e-mail clients.

Simply add the word recent followed by a colon :)) in front of your current username. For example, if your e-mail username is [email protected], you would need to change it to recent:[email protected]

Hope that helps,


Ian J

I fixed it by logging into Virgin Webmail and changing it from Imap to Pop and then deleting the email account in my Blackberry Internet Service account and setting it up again.

What a palaver

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