Does anyone have a Sony NS405 that plays SVCD?


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Has anyone got a Sony ns405 that plays SVCD without the header trick (recent ns305's seem to be able to play them)

If anyone does have an SVCD capable NS405 - what firmware version are you on (mine is 1.711):- to find out press these buttons when its ON:

[power] (so it goes into standby)
[top menu]

then look at the left bottom, what revision do you have??

Hello Devastator!

Well, thank you on this little tip. :)
My version is 1.801, but I don't know about svcd capability, have to find one first.
I just bought my player today! :)

And I have to say I am really really pleased with it!

Do you maybe know what are all this options for? (at that secret menu)
Mecha aging, and other stuff...


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Basically this key sequence gets you into the engineering menu.

:eek: :eek: Refugee -stay away from the other options:eek: :eek:

They are not to be :devil: "experiemented":devil: with as you can cause serious side effects to you player if you change settings in them :mad:

Trust me... :p

Speaking of a devil...

After one hour, it went power supply...
So my new LOTR dvd stayed inside...
Had to replace unit today...

Got new unit immediatelly, but dvd will come back at monday...

But, all in all, I am very pleased with a/v performance


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Refugee.. sorry to hear your players gone dead...
I should have mentioned in my post 'NOT' to touch any of the settings (I didn't and mine was fine) .. I know, a bit late warning you now..:blush:

If you want to try a sample SVCD in your 'new' players then you can download from

Let me know how you get on.

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